Art & Art History

University of Mississippi

Facilities: Ceramics

The ceramics area is housed on the first floor of Meek Hall in room 127 and consists of a large indoor studio/teaching area, clay-mixing and storage area, loading dock, well-equipped glaze lab, and an outdoor kiln pad. This 5,674 square foot classroom/studio space houses all facets of the ceramics area.

The main teaching room houses wheels, large working tables and locker space for student work. All students have storage for their work and tools with access to public shelving and rolling carts.

There are four 9 ft. x 16 ft. semi-private studios for graduate students.

The glaze lab/electric kiln area is well equipped; with easy and appropriate access to sinks, spray booth, glazes and material bins.

The clay mixing room has adequate ventilation for the equipment with its own heat and air units. The roll up door/loading dock provides easy access to delivery of materials.

The outdoor kiln pad houses all high fire gas kilns in a semi enclosed/ open air space for ventilation.

1. Outdoor/open air kiln pad;(Ceramics Kiln Area, 1,200 s.f.). 
3 gas reduction kilns
1 salt kiln
1 soda kiln
2 raku kilns

2. Loading dock with clay mixing and storage (900 s.f.).
2 Soldner clay mixers
ventilation unit
ball mill
brick saw
approximately 30 tons of raw materials

3. 127 Teaching Lab (1,570 s.f.).
25 electric wheels
Large tables for handbuilding
storage and shelving for all students work
4 semi-private graduate studios (dimensions, 11’x16’)

4. 125 Glaze Lab/Electric Kiln Room (1,249 s.f.)
Houses 9 large ware carts
1 large spray booth with its own ventilation system
6 electric kilns (5 with computer controls)
2 tables with material bins/ hood ventilation system isolated to the table top

Lab hours out side of regular class time:

Monday- Friday, 5:00-10:00, Sunday, 12:00pm- 8:00pm