University of Mississippi

Virtual Visiting Artist Program – Fall 2017





Lectures and Artist talks Fall 2017 

September 28, 2017
Kong Wee Pang & Jay Crum
Kong Wee is an Associate Creative Director/Art Director at Archer Malmo in Memphis
Jay is an Artist/Designer/Illustrator
They are the two multidisciplinary creatives behind Taropop. In addition to their work as designers and illustrators, they continue to pursue their fine art practices through exhibitions and public art projects both as a team and individually. They will be visiting campus for their talk and will give graduate critiques. / /

October, 23 2017
Eric Valosin
Eric is a digital artist that merges the digital and the analogue to challenge the viewers’ perceptual expectations and interaction with mediation. With strategies of negation paradox, and deconstruction, he makes a radical (re)turn to the root of the mystical experience, to open new meditative spaces for a radical new age. He holds the position of adjunct professor at The College of Saint Elizabeth, contributing editor at Not What It is, fine arts instructor at The Collective Art Tank, and Coordinator of Fine Art Education at Gravity, Inc. Eric will be in town for his opening at Misbits: a new media art space. The show runs from October 24th – November 11th (October 24th opening reception) Eric will also be giving graduate critiques.

November, 15 2017
Jill Foote Hutton
Jill creates contemporary mythologies out of individual stories to empower the individual. Turning our fears into strengths; converting monster to ally through a series of creative engagements. Whistlepig Studio is the visual art studio and writing desk of Jill. Whistlepig Studio hosts a variety of workshops tailored to suit the audience needs: adults, children, workplace environments, and community groups. Whistlepig Studio has been welcomed at national conventions, Domestic and Sexual Violence Organizations, and regional library summer reading programs to name a few. Jill will be joining us via Skype.