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BFA Alum Exhibits Work in Spoke Art

Written by Rachel Ralph on

Work by Ken Garduno

Thursday night brought a packed crowd to Spoke Art where the gallery hosted the second annual Supersonic Electronic Invitational. For this show, 32 young artists were chosen founder Zach Tutor, who sees them as the leaders of a new generation of artists. The space was packed with high-quality work, almost strictly limited to painting, and a small room in the back sold prints and gave drinks away to those who dared to enter the swarm. The space was so crammed that there was a line to get in, and the work seemed to be selling quickly and early, so the show seemed to be a great success in exposing these young artists to new audiences. It will definitely be worth a second look, where I may get the space to view each piece as it deserves.


Words & photos: Rachel Ralph -rachel(at)



Audrey Kawasaki












Allan Innman At the Drive In, Oil on canvas

Dan Christofferson

Jon Todd

Ken Garduno

Michael C Hsuing

Tatiana Suarez

Tessar Lo